My husband wanted to eat Mee Kari..again.

I am not fond of this dish, but as my husband rarely demandrequest anything, it makes it hard even harder to deny the “mengidam”.

But who’s gonna eat the noodles? I am not fond of any type of mee kuah. tak tau kenapa. Nak-nak lagi mee kuning.

Last resort, invite my family because they like to eat. period.

Then, apa nak makan ni? Ask my sis to cook fettucine with white sauce. Yummeh dear. Selalu kalau teringin nak makan ni, sure mintak dia yg masak eventhough saya boleh masak. She likes to cook western dishes whereas i like malaysian cuisine.

Small celebration for Jan Baby’s – Me and My Husband.

Price: Priceless

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