Makan dan makan lagi

Went to this outlet on Friday..located at Ground Floor, Giant Kota Damansara.

The ambience was friendly, but likewise in size..the joint was minuscule, but still maintaining the comfort level of the patrons.

We ordered Fish n Cheez, Chicken Fajitas, side order of mashed potatoes..when you order 1 main course, you get to buy plate of cajun chicken pasta for ONLY RM 1.00, so we tried that hubby ordered Teh Tarik Latte for his drink.

While waiting for the food, i read a magazine..then i saw the waiter brought something smoking for one of the customer…waaaa apa tu?? and the smell?? heaven

First to arrived was our drink..mak aii besar..sib baik order 1 je..see

then came the mashed potatoes..remeber this is a side order, so we thought the size would be something like KayEffSee..sekali datang, 1 medium plate and it is suitable for 2 person..yela sebab order memacam, kang lahap sengsorang kentang tu, ada lak yg lain tu tak makan..tapi tak amik piccas sebab dah habis baru teringat..the potatoes isn’t anything closer to K*F*C*..still a bit kasar..kira cam tak lenyek hancur, ada sikit ketul2..faham? but very yummy and tak rasa sgt the perasa..

followed by came the pasta..

sorry blur sikit..

and also hubby’s order, fish n cheez
..this one sedap, cam fish n chips but ada cheese atas dia n fries diganti ngan nasi..suitable for those must-have-nasi chaps..

lastly my chicken fajitas arrived and man..that was the thing yg smoking smoking tu..

all in all, it was a great experince for us..eating mexican food..tasty and also healthy jugak la kan..especilly the chicken fajitas because the chicken is grilled with onions and pepper..even the pasta is not coated with lots of creamy gravy..

total bill?

RM govt tax, only service charge 10% of your bill..
fish – RM 13.90
Fajitas – RM 16.90
Potatoes – RM 3.00
Pasta – RM 1.00 – Promo
Teh Tarik – RM 5.00

owh..they also have something special for families with children…this

1 thought on “Makan dan makan lagi”

  1. Unknown says:

    odah…nmpak sedap sgt klu nk try musti gi ngan girls kt off ni klu ajak hubby sure x kena ngan tekak dia..heheh..

    my address : No. 86 Jln Anggerik 3, Tmn Saujana Utama, 47000 Sg Buloh, Selangor..kad apa ye kenduri ke? ur sister nya wed ya…

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