Rescuing then Need to be rescued.

My sister called yesterday. Her usual question is “Akak kat mana?”. I wasn’t feeling well so i told her at home.

Then she said, “Akak, kitorang kat U-turn Tropicana. Kereta ayah rosak lagi.”

Poor ayah, 3 times in one week. Last Sunday, temprature naik on the way to jemputan. Then at Batu Tiga tol towards Shah Alam masa nak hantar kereta for check-up. And third times the charm yesterday.

Luckily the tow truck man was fast. Only took him around 20 minutes to arrive in the hot scorching weather and very fast took charge to loading the car to the truck.

Sorry gambar terbalik-balik. Dah upload tak rajin nak upload again.

Thank you Mr Tow Truck for the fast service.


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