Sunday – Tummy Eat

I was so sad when hubby said he had to work on that day to settle his work. Well, I have to support him in doing business, have to give in when he wants to work, so I can have few moolah for shopping.Haha, yea right! Well it’s true, kalau dia busy sangat, mintak duit sure dapat.

We have 3 rumah raya for that day and I am not going alone. So I waited for him and after feeding and resting, we started our journey at 3.30pm.

First house, Ayah Chu. He is my father’s younger brother. After their sister, Uteh, passed away, tinggal both of them from 13 siblings. My family dah sampai, kami baru hegeh-hegeh bertolak. What to do, business maaa.. Lepak there around 1 hour then we split because Umar had an open house, my parents tired already, we had 2 houses to go.

Second house, my officemate. Her house is in Shah Alam 2. We took the Federal Highway-Meru-Puncak Alam route. Never used this route, ingatkan dekat, rupanya jauh jugak. Exit at Puncak Alam’s road, berpusing dalam tu cari rumah. Solat at one of the surau, very nice as the muslimat’s area, the wudhuk area is inside the musolla. So not scary at all. Last person to arrive and last person to balik. Had soto and laksam. Yummeh. I wanted to eat nasi beriyani or was it nasi tomato, but we have another house to go, so kena catu perut.

Third house, husband’s ex-boss. From Shah Alam 2 to Shah Alam Section 28, the other side of Shah Alam. Solat at Petronas TTDI Jaya then off we go to Pak Deris’s house. I ate ketupat, the one from daun kelapa, not the instant one. Very nice. Nasib save sikit perut. The last one also.

I love that Sunday as I get to eat yummy food like soto and laksam. Very often  mee/mee hoon sup or laksa penang. Nice but am not fond of that menu.

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