Small tremor felt this morning

“Abang, kenapa goyang meja?”. I asked when the table shook for the second time while breakfast.

“Mana ada. Marble ni beratlah..” Then he said, “Eh, gegarlah..”

“Ada gempa lagi la ni.”

Tapi kami masih relaks lagi dalam rumah. Tak kecoh turun, lagipun neighbours ramai dah pergi kerja..


Tremors felt in KL after Sumatra earthquake

KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — Residents in several parts of the city reported tremors following a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in northern Sumatra this morning.

The earthquake at 8.08am Malaysian time was at a depth of 78km and 6km north of Rantauprapat, according to meteorological agencies.
The epicentre of the earthquake was 330km northeast of Klang.
The tremors were felt in some high-rises and houses in the Bangsar and Damansara suburbs. Residents of Selangor, southern Perak and Malacca also reported tremors.
However, no tsunami alarm was issued.
The Sumatra temblor came a day after twin earthquakes struck Christchurch in New Zealand.

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